I would like to conclude with a snap shot of memorials and events which are part of our history. The War Memorial was initially built in the area which is now the Riverton War Memorial Swimming Pool, with the Anzac Day March proceeding to this area for some years, led by the Riverton Town Band comprising some 20 members. It is unclear in which year the monument and soldier were put in place. In 1965, the Riverton War Memorial Swimming Pool was opened by the governor of S. A. Sir Edric Bastyan with a memorial cairn and plaque being dedicated during the service. Then RSL president Eddie Russ laid the wreath. ***** ***** On the 11th of November 2003, a seedling derived from the Australian War Memorial’s Lone Pine was planted in the grounds of the RSM Hospital. It is surrounded by a ring of rosemary shrubs with a suitably inscribed plaque. It is the intention of the sub branch to hold a rededication service next year and mount the plaque on a much larger base. ***** In 2002, the branch investigated updating the site of the War Memorial at a cost of $7,500. However, this project was shelved and a new memorial built on the current site in the Memorial Garden of RSL House with the assistance of a grant from DVA. The soldier was moved and placed on top of the memorial in a particularly delicate operation. A dedication service was held in December 2003. Four rose bushes were planted, two red roses representing sacrifice and two white roses representing purity. ***** In recent times, a number of events have occurred: Included in these events are: The installation of a community flag pole and plaque in Scholz Park greatly assisting our various services each year. The large murals painted by students of our schools for the centennial commemoration of the Gallipoli landing. Thanks to art teacher James Butler for his magnificent support. ***** COMMENT ON THE ITEMS The setting of a Field of Remembrance in Scholz Park prior to Anzac Day each year. This has grown to over 400 crosses over the past five years. ***** The development of a military museum in RSL House thanks to receiving a number of grants. A commemoration service on Vietnam Veterans Day held each year since 2016 – in my opinion, our most significant service. Updating the WW1 Honour Board with the names of 15 Riverton residents whose names were omitted from the initial board. Thanks to the Riverton History Centre for their assistance. The new Honour Board will be unveiled next Sunday. It does look very impressive. The old court yard lantern has been reinstalled in the memorial garden and will be turned on each night.